Destiny Time: To the New World

Welcome to Destiny Time!
A little overview and guidlines

On the Plane of Eternal Gears, there is a massive, continent-sized city known as the Clockverk Metropolis of Chromia. This city is the last vestige of a once great kingdom, forced to escape to the outer plane when their world, once called Elnaia, suffered calamity. Although the people have grown and advanced into a powerful nation, There are some among them who desire simpler times, before the advancement. The College of Arcane Truth, over the course of 20 years, has been working on a solution to this problem. They call it….The Destiny Gate.

The Destiny Gate is a massive portal that can send people back to the ancient homeland from whence they sprung. Stepping through it sends travelers back nearly 100 years to a time before any kingdoms existed; an era of untouched frontier. The leaders of Chromia have called upon their citizens to make the journey back to this frontier and establish a new province in their name. In return, the travelers are granted carte blanche in regards to how they settle the land, whether they create their own cities, form guilds and outposts, explore for treasures long since claimed, etc. Thousands upon thousands have already flocked to this new land, some poor, some wealthy, but all have the desire to shape their destinies.

So what do you say, heroes? Care to join them and forge your destiny?



  • This is a steampunk-esque setting. Steam contraptions, black powder, magic-tech, etc are permitted for use by players. Many of the new settlements that have formed in Elnaia have some degree of mechanization in their design.
  • This is also a western-esque setting. Horse-drawn wagons, frontiersmen, cowboys, etc are going to be a common sight. Yes railroads will be factored in, but at the start of the campaign, it will be in it’s beginning stages.
  • Monsters will be a common site since no one has cleared the beasts from their lairs yet. Humanoid monsters, like orcs and goblins, will be organized in the style of native american tribes. Dragons can also be expected.
  • One of the main goals you should have in mind for your character is that you have come to Elnaia to shape your destiny. Whether choosing to help the developing cities actively (i.e. joining a militia or founding a mercenary corp) or inactively (i.e. founding a guild/business), taming the vast frontier (by building a home/stronghold/nation), or in smaller ways (treasure hunting, hunting outlaws, etc), you should have something in mind of what your character wants to accomplish.
  • There will be an antagonistic force; a cabal. This cabal will also be starting out at 1st level, meaning it will be possible to encounter them early. However, they will react to any changes in the world as they see fit, meaning they may go into hiding or change their plans at anytime. This is to keep the pacing steady and to insure missed sessions aren’t a big deal.

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